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Many homes and offices contain tile floors, especially in bathrooms or kitchens, for both practicality and aesthetics. When first installed, tile and grout looks stunning, but as time goes on tile accumulates dirt and grim, dimming the color and weakening the grout. Our Long Island tile cleaning services will restore the shine and newness of tile and grout.

All homeowners understand the struggle of cleaning tile floors by hand, and at the end are often dissatisfied with the results despite hours of scrubbing on hands and knees. It is a tedious and unfilling job because store bought solutions can never have the effect of making tile and grout like new. Grout is extremely porous, allowing dirt and grime to enter with ease. Our tile and grout cleaning methods are proven effective at making tile and grout clean and appear new.

Long Island Steam Cleaners has become the trusted source for tile cleaning on Long Island. Over our years of service to the community, we have proven that we are committed to excellence through unmatched results in a timely and professional manner. Our services include grout cleaning and sealing, tile regrouting, grout recoloring, tile cleaning and more. Our goal is to make a home or office shine like new, while providing a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for its inhabitants.

Before we begin our tile and grout cleaning services on Long Island, our tile cleaning professionals always inspect the floor to guarantee proper cleaning solutions and techniques are administered. Our grout cleaner is a pH balanced cleaner intended to remove dirt from the grout and remedy discoloration. We then administer our effective tile cleaning process that will remove any remaining dirt and grime from the tile and grout.

Our equipment and processes are state-of-the-art, designed with customer satisfaction in mind. Our Long Island tile and grout cleaners are highly trained and skilled to deliver to maximum benefit to our loyal customers. We are a trusted tile and grout cleaning company on Long Island based on our years of experience and unparalleled results.

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Tile and Grout

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