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Bathroom Shower Cleaning & Restoration

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Bathroom Shower Cleaning & Restoration

This service is designed to help restore and maintain bathroom showers and tubs. First priority is to ensure all seals are preventing water from getting behind the walls or tub. Material (grout or caulk) that are not properly sealed will be removed and replaced. In addition this service includes professional steam cleaning and internal pressure washing to maximize the cleanliness of the shower/tub. We color seal all grout lines to make the walls look like the day they were install. In combination your bathroom will have a beautiful renewed look.

Water exposure in showers and baths are the reason for mold in bathrooms. It is important to check your grout and caulk for cracks and holes. Once water gets behind the walls it will mold and wet the backing. This will cause the tiles to weaken and eventually fall off the wall. Our system corrects all of these issues. It is recommended that every two years your shower/bath get inspected and replace caulking.

Did you know:

Moisture and heat that is present in your bathroom causes a humid environment that is ideal for mold spores to begin to grow. This ideal habitat is created every time you take a bath or shower, or simply wash your hands or face in warm water in the bathroom sink.

Black spots are often the first sign of mold or mildew in the bathroom. These black spots may first show up in your tile grout or the caulk around the shower or tub. Take a look at the floor, around the baseboards, and on the ceiling to spot spores in tricky locations.

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Bathroom Shower Cleaning & Restoration

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