So, you have dirty carpets, but did you know there are other benefits of steam cleaning? Professional steam cleaning can remove trapped pollutants – like cigarette smoke, clear out dust mites, extend carpet life, and remove common . Dirty carpet holds pollutants from many sources: Pet dander, cockroach allergens and dead bugs, lead and foreign particles tracked in from outdoors and the workplace.

– We use powerful steam cleaning machines, plus safe, effective, and eco-friendly cleaners.

To retain your carpet’s original luster and beauty, deep-clean every 12 to 18 months. This frequency may need to be adjusted depending upon the life-style of your household, frequency of vacuuming, and color of the carpeting. It’s important to deep clean your carpet BEFORE it becomes excessively soiled. Dirt and grime grinds away at the carpet fibers shortening it’s life. And, as the dirt is pushed deeper and deeper into the carpet from foot traffic – your carpets become harder and more expensive to clean.

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